Rubicon Scientific, LLC | Pet Healthcare | Sabetha, KS

"We forget to treat but Pets remember to eat!"

Our history

Rubicon Scientific LLC is an early-stage companion animal health company pioneering the use of nutritional products as the delivery vehicle for pharmaceutical actives. These products are unique and the first of their kind for companion animals. Rubicon Scientific LLC will utilize leading edge technology in manufacturing and analytical methodology to achieve FDA approval for all of their products. Rubicon Scientific LLC will develop a portfolio of medicated premium pet diets to capture shares of both the pharmaceutical and the pet diets market.  

Rubicon's uniqueness

  • Medicated diets require unique skills and expertise

  • Broad FDA regulatory expertise for pet diets manufacturing (FSMA)

  • Developer of extensive intellectual property for manufacture of premium pet diets containing an API

  • Longstanding relationship with FDA in the field of drug delivery via pet diets


Learn about Rubicon Scientific LLC

Read more about the exciting work we've been doing at Rubicon Scientific LLC and how we help you and your pets. When it comes to medical treatments for your companion animals, never settle for less than the best.