Market Opportunity

Heartworm infection in pets is on the rise. From 2013 to 2016, the average number of heartworm-positive dogs rose by 21.7 percent due to changing weather patterns.2 Progressive and potentially fatal, heartworm disease is both agonizing and expensive to treat.

Year-round drug administration—recommended by the American Heartworm Society—is the key to prevention. However, current preventatives can be challenging for pet owners to remember and administer timely. The resulting lack of compliance means that these preventatives often fail to successfully prevent heartworm disease.

Recent estimates indicate that only one in four dogs receive a heartworm preventative consistently1, leaving over 60 million dogs unprotected in the U.S. alone.

Rubicon’s solution is to include the heartworm preventative in the daily diet.  As Rubicon’s motto says, “Owners may forget to treat but our pets don’t forget to eat.” With our expertise in delivering active pharmaceutical ingredients via nutritional pet food products, Rubicon is uniquely positioned to address this issue. Our solution offers a singular opportunity to improve treatment efficacy and, in the process, grow both the pharmaceutical and pet food markets.

1 Source: Ceva
2 Source: American Heartworm Society