The effectiveness of standard heartworm preventatives can be compromised by several factors: 1) a pet might reject a pill; 2) a busy pet owner might forget a dose or misunderstand dosing instructions; 3) heartworms may be resistant to the preventative drug used; and 4) human or premise contamination can result from topical application, leading to suboptimal prevention.

Overcoming these limitations requires a new approach. Rubicon’s innovative solution delivers active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) via premium quality pet food, simplifying heartworm prevention and leading to better compliance and efficacy. Rubicon’s API delivery solution for heartworm prevention will be the only FDA-approved daily diet for pets.

The new solution will provide veterinarians with a high quality, confirmed safe and effective product to dispense to their clients both for improved heartworm prevention and as a highly palatable diet providing optimum nutrition. It will be available only by veterinary prescription.

Through its work to create a new API delivery solution for heartworm prevention, Rubicon has gained research, product development, FDA approval and production capabilities that will facilitate future work on additional APIs for many other conditions.